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The effects of rest on our performance
My indoor rowing (short) season begins in November; my first race will be at the Open Belgian Championship in Antwerp. There I will try to repeat my championship reached in the 35/42 category, only now I will have to reach it in the 42/50 years category. So this time I am a “youngster” again J
Yes, I might be a “youngster” in this category, but unfortunately I did not feel that in the past couple of weeks. Although my training build-up went fairly well until about a month ago, a recent cold managed to disturb that build-up and I have still not fully recovered from that yet. This is of course logical, but mentally very frustrating. Alas, in practice common sense and feelings rarely work 1 on 1.
The next 2 weeks I will go on vacation (October 17/31) so it will be difficult to train in this period. I will try here and there to keep going but it will be seriously less than the level of training I usually do at home. On the other hand, with the way I feel now physically, this break might be just good. After two weeks of relative rest, I expect to pick up again and reach a peak in mid-January during the Open European Championship in Paris. Maybe get a medal there, but only if everything falls back into place. My present physical condition is not good enough for that yet. Of course it also all depends on who my opponents will be! You can only beat those who show up.
After the Belgian championship (for which I will not prepare too hard), there will be the Dutch Championship in Amsterdam. There I will try to reach a first peak performance. I hope to be at least in the first three, and in fact keep my title from last year.
But now I will just take it easy for 2 weeks and be a little careful with food; my girlfriend and I are going to U.S.: the portions there and the softer training schedules will allow for some extra weight, which I will try to avoid although might not be able to eliminated entirely  ;-)

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