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People often do things instinctively. Many times that works well, but sometimes it does not and your instinct works against you. But luckily we have another strong point and that is our mind!
When you want to achieve something, use that mind, make a plan and follow that plan. This plan must S.M.A.R.T. :  
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-phased
In other words:
Specific – your goal must be as clear as possible
Measurable – your goal must be objectively and easily measurable
Achievable – your goal must be within your personal limits
Realistic – your goal should be feasible given your personal conditions 
Time-phased – your goal must have a structured timeline and a clear deadline
Major reasons why often targets are not met are that they are either unrealistic or unclear. Any such targets are bound to fail! Don’t set too high expectations and be true to yourself in what you think you can achieve based on your personal situation and limitations. This will help you avoid disappointment and keep you focused and motivated.
To make it easy on yourself, choose “sub-goals” and adopt the 80% / 20% rule whereby with 20% of effort and time will give you 80% of results. The last 20% is the real hard work, but first aim for that relative easy 80%. Set your basic plan and make sure you know each day what to do. Focus on each day and go through the steps you set for yourself. Nothing more, nothing less! 
So be true to yourself, be clear, be precise, make sure the goals are within your reach and don’t forget the time aspect!