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Type of rowing machines

Since 1976, conceptII makes her rowing ergometer. All types shares the same basic principle in their computer, so performances done on older types are compareble to the news ones.  The first one was the called the A, the next B etc.

At present, type D and E are the ones on the market. Here some info about the different types. Type E is more for gyms, it is particularly robust and strong. D is suited for the home and gyms.

Type A, B and C are still used sometimes, certainly a C s can be found sometimes. These are still suiteble in terms of being a training device and are not that much different from the current D and E types, but you have to deal with a different handle and older type computer (PM2), but both the handle and the PM can be replaced by a currently used one. New the PM3, and PM4 are available.

Differences between the PM3 and PM4 are:

Standard on the Model D.
Automatic operation: start rowing and the monitor turns on automatically and displays information.
Accurate representation of data: all the training information in real time visualization in figures or graphics.
Five display options: data, curve, Pace Boat, power graphics, large numbers.
LogCard: LogCard removable data storage for personal and training load.
USB connection: all data are easy to transfer to a computer.
100% reliability of all registered training data.
Game: The Fish Game
Heart Rate Measurement: Polar receiver integrated is OPTIONAL.


PM4 has all the features that the PM3 has, but has the following extra's:

Standard on the Model E.
Optional on the Model D: additional charge.
Extra memory: instead of 1Mb, 2Mb memory
Heart Rate Measurement: wireless data transmission rate (depending on type of heart rate).
Rechargeable batteries the rowing does charge the batteries.
Racing: racing via wireless link with up to 8 machines.
Games: next to The Fish Game, including Darts and Target Training.

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