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Suiker, plaag in ons voedselSugar - the plaque in our modern diet. One of the biggest mistakes we can make in choosing our food is eating too much sugar or simple carbohydrates. And by that I don’t mean just pure sugar itself but all products that get digested quickly through the body, simple carbs such as candy, cookies, etc..
 What is the problem?
That is actually threefold: Firstly, many sugar rich products / simple carbs are so called empty calories; they do contain a lot of energy but little of substance of anything else - not very healthy!
Secondly, sugar is very easy to digest and therefore moves rapidly from our stomach into our bloodstream. This goes so quickly that our bodies don’t have enough time to burn all that energy or store it somewhere else. Due to this the blood sugar level rises to an excessively high level and in response our body will produces insulin quickly in order to get the excess of sugar out of our bloodstream and store it elsewhere. This process again happens so fast that it overshoots, and this takes so much sugar from our blood that the blood sugar level now gets too low. This will cause us to feel hungry and eat again – so there you have your perfect vicious circle.

Now we come to point three: in the long run our body, the pancreas especially, can’t cope with this rapidly fluctuating blood sugar levels, as it is not able to respond efficiently anymore to high blood sugar levels. This is called type 2 diabetes. This used to be a disease for older people, but nowadays it isn't anymore, we see it in younger people and even in children. The cause is wrong eating and lack of exercise. In short, what does sugar do in humans? All in all, it means that someone who eats it in large quantities gets way too much energy in, this excessive energy, which often comes in the form of empty calories (as it lacks many essential nutrients) will be stored in the form of fat. This causes large fluctuations in blood sugar: this not only feels very uncomfortable but in the long run it is so damaging to our body that it causes type 2 diabetes. This means the body can no longer produce enough insulin to extract excess of sugar from the blood. Furthermore it is also a disaster for your teeth. The bacteria that causes caries feast on sugar as well, and can execute their destructive work perfectly on a high on sugar diet.


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