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Ready for the beach in 6 weeks

Many diets promise a lot but actually getting rid of fat is obviously not easy. You really have to work hard to achieve that. This is a plan I made that ensure you to burn 6 kg of fat in 6 weeks. So not just lose 6 kg of weight, but really burn 6 kg of fat!  For a reasonably fit person this is often just the finishing touch to looking really good. You can show your sixpack now that last bit of fat is out of the way. 
What do you have to do?   
You need to work hard!
You need to watch your food!
And did I mention that you sure have to work hard :-)
If you actually follow this program, you will be ready for the beach in 6 weeks!
The program is designed for people with a good general physical health and reasonable fitness level. To follow the program you have to work hard 6 days a week, 6 weeks longs. You have to be fit and trained to be able to do that.
Basic principles: 
1 gram carbohydrates, 1 gram protein each provide 4 Kcal per gram
1 gram of fat provides 9 Kcal per gram
Furthermore, it takes approximately 7000 calories to loose 1kg of body fat. Mobilization / consumption of 7 gram of fat causes the burning of 9 calories due to conversion loses.
People who wish to follow this program need to have a good base fitness level and should be familiar with doing resistance work in the gym or at home. If you are not familiar with this, you first have to learn those basic skills. If you don’t want to do that you could use an alternative regular exercise, but keep in mind that it must be one that works your whole body, such as swimming, climbing or rowing. Regular running only will not use all the muscles in your body!
First the food:  
It is certainly not the intention to go on a crash diet but do eat moderately. Take as a starting point your bodyweight in kg (1 kg = 2.2lbs) and multiply by 24Kcal. 
This number gives you roughly your basic energy use.  
As an example take a 85 kg man x 24Kcal = 2040 Kcal. This is the number of kcal that this man should eat per day.
Further, the amount of protein is important because we want to minimize muscle loss. To prevent this, we eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per kg body weight, more is even better.
In this example 85 x 1.5 = 127.5 grams - this corresponds to 510 kcal
That leaves about 2040 ± 510 Kcal = 1530 
This we divide in the ratio 25% fat and 75% carbohydrates: 
25% of 1530 = 382.5 / 9 = 42.5 grams of fat/day 
75% of 1530 = 1147.5 / 4 = 287 grams carbohydrate 
The total distribution of 2040 is thus: 
127.5 grams protein
42.5 grams fat
287 grams of carbohydrates
Low fat proteins can be found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. For fat, try to eat especially the unsaturated fats and polyunsaturated forms: oily fish and vegetable oils are good examples. For carbohydrates, eat the complex carbohydrates because they digest slowly and give your body energy all through the day. No sugars, sweets biscuits or any other candies! Also eat lots of vegetables, but be moderate with fruit, too much fruit will give to much calories.
Second, the training - you need to burn 1000 kcal per training.
The intention is that six days a week, each day you burn an extra 1000 kcal on top of your basic energy use. This includes performing strength training to maintain muscle mass. Building muscle during a weight reduction period for a healthy person is almost impossible. So that's not what we are after, we want to maintain what we have.
The duration will be 90 minutes a day. This means 90 minutes working with only short breaks during strength training, so no small talk and pausing. I had told you before you had to work!
Assuming that 250 kcal of energy will be consumed during the strength training you will have to burn 750 calories through cardio training, such as walking, cycling, running, stepping or whatever you enjoy doing. So any kind of cardio exercise is good as long as you consume your 750 Kcal. Obviously, it is also important that the intensity of your exercise is high enough, but not so high that you get injured; high enough to use the necessary energy but slow enough to be able to do it 6 days a week.
All forms of cardio are fine: jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, spinning, rowing. Almost all machines in the gym will help you generally read your energy.
Here a further tool to measure your energy consumption:
Our example man of 85 kg needs to do the following to burn those 750 kcal:
Run 44 minutes with 12 km /h
With cycling, he needs 53 minutes at 25 km / h
Swim 48 minutes
Rowing pace around 2.00/500 for 45 minutes
A combination is also possible and preferred if you just consume 750 calories in total. 
Third – the resistance work. As I said, this is not aimed at building muscle but keeping what you have. Therefore choose the "big" exercises that work many muscles simultaneously, think knee bending, bench press, lateral pull, deadlift, dumbellpress, and bicepcurl triceppress.   Do three sets per exercise after an initial warm-up set. Take a short break and do only the last set to failure. Do 8 / 15 repetitions and choose a weight that fits your personal strength. Assuming you need 50 minutes for the cardio you have 40 minutes left for your strength work. Train a muscle group 3 x 14 days, so nine times per group in the 6 weeks cycle.   When you do this six days a week than you use 6000 kcal per week; 1 day a week take your rest day.
Now you need to burn an extra 1000 kcal to get to that 1 kg of fat disappear in a week. You do this in your daily life by cycling, walking, taking stairs, etc. Try to do this for 30 minutes each day.
A few more tips!
You weigh at the end of each week, ensuring that no more than 1 kg weight is lost, if so eat more! 
Don't eat too little, crash diets do not work! They only make you weak and leave you without energy and burn your muscle.
The numbers I mention are guidelines. Don’t take them literally, but globally, as a starting point. Create one week plans and if needed make little changes at the end of each week as necessary.  
Follow this program and I guarantee your success!