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What's the use of a personal coach, trainer or a lifestyle consultant?
Nowadays everybody is very busy, so our time is precious. That precious time should be used wisely. This also applies to the time we spend on our health. If you have enough knowledge yourself and are well motivated you will do fine on your own or with a friend and will get the desired results. If you are not so familiar with how our body works or find it difficult to motivate yourself, then personal training / coaching or advice from a lifestyle consultant could be very useful for you.
A personal trainer or lifestyle consultant can help you (according to your personal wishes and/or physical and health limitations) work on your health and appearance, including setting reasonable goals, making a plan to achieve those goals and executing that plan.
In order to achieve a goal it is necessary to define it clearly and make it realistic. Keep in mind that it is only possible to achieve it if it is set within the limits of your possibilities. Once you've set goals it is necessary to establish the tools you will need to achieve them and during the process it is necessary to periodically check the plan: is it still working or does it need changes? What works for one may not work for another. A fitness/lifestyle plan should always be individually build.
In all the years we’ve been sporting in various gyms and sports clubs we’ve seen roughly three kinds of people:

1. People who want too much and want it too fast

2. People who are too soft on themselves and often cut corners

3. People who know what they want, know how their bodies react and are able to listen carefully to their bodies. Our body never lies!

Unfortunately, group three is a minority group!
Group 1 has a great chance of getting injured or over-trained.
Group 2 will simply never achieve there goals, they may have fun doing what they do and there is obviously nothing wrong with that but they will never achieve anything serious. The chances of them dropping out are high due to lack of results.
Group 3 will be satisfied with the results.
For all groups, the correct guidance can be very helpful, and for group 1 and 2 even absolutely indispensable.
Further, the guidance one gets in the gym is often poor, insufficient or not available at all. For the money we pay for our subscriptions there is simply not enough staff around to help everyone in detail. So if you are really looking to reach clear goals, are motivated and disciplined, and you don’t want to waste time, you need to either have the knowledge yourself or find it elsewhere. If you need help, that is where the personal trainer, coach, or lifestyle adviser can be useful. Somebody who can guide you, motivate and support you, but also somebody who will be true to you and tell you when you are on the wrong path!