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What does our food consists of?
Food is the fuel our body daily needs. For our health it is best we eat good food on a daily basis. That food should be varied. If not our health will suffer, certainly in the long run.

Food being that important for our health for our health, possibly the most important one. When we get enough energy in and besides that energy also enough buildingsblocks, vitamins, minerals etc., we eat healthy.  That does not mean that everything we eat needs to be very healthy, but we have to be modest with unhealthy food.
Are we eating too much or not enough?, or is our food to limited in variation or is it's quality poor, if so we risk all sorts of problems, especially in the long run. Think of getting overweight or sometimes underweight (anorexia), heart and coronary diseasis, diabetis and joint problems.
On the picture above we see, the for most known, picture of the food piramide. This piramide is still the base for a healthy and sensible diet. Maybe the form of the piramide should change a bit, a bit less carbohydrates and some more protein.
The division of our food:
Food consists out of macro and micro components, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the macro nutrions, vitamines, minerals, and trace elements are micro nutriens. 
Both the macro- as the micro nutrions are essencial for a full diet and need to be availeble in sufficient amounts to prevent shortcommings and diseasis.
The macronutricions supply energy and buildings blocks, the micro nutricions don't supply energy, they play another role.
The amount of energy we consume is simply a sum of the amounts of macro nutricions we eat.
Protein and carbs supply us with give or take around four calories per gram, fat gives nine calories per gram. Alcohol also delivers energy, but is not needed of course. If you still use alcohol, be carefull and moderate alcoholabuse will lead to a poor health. Alcohol gives seven calories per gram. Sometimes and moderate use of alcohol is not a problem, but the keyword here is moderate, that aspect is often difficult. And if so you are definately not helping your health.
Deficiency deseases like a shortage or lack of a certain foodgroep are rare nowedays in the western world. Only people with severse eating disorders are at still at risk. Think of anorexia or boulimie patients, and drug or alcohol addicts.
Why do we become more fat or why do we loose weight?
A change of our bodyweight is a result of a energy surplus or a shortage. The aloud saying, to gain it you have to eat is, is simply true. If we on a regular basis consume more than we burn, our weight will rise, if the situation is the other way around we will loose weight. This is always the case, there are no exceptions.
Why is loosing weight, dieting, staying on weight so difficult for us?
Therefor we have to look at what thrives us to eat:
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