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Nowedays abundance - how to handle?

Originally man lived just like animals still do in the wild today, according to the seasons! 
Times of abundance (often the summer) came and went and so did times of scarcity. In times of abundance it was possible and important to build enough reserves and energy in our bodies in the form of fat. These reserves where meant as a buffer to be able to cope with times of scarcity. If we were not able to do so, chances were big we didn’t make it through the winter! So over time, the people who survived where those who managed to build enough reserves during times of abundance in preparation for times of scarcity. 
Conscious dieting, and thus affecting our weight, was something that did not exist. Going on a diet is something only humans do, no animal does that deliberately. If there is food, we are made to eat it!  
Nowadays there is plenty of food almost always available, so from a survival perspective, it is natural, if not even logical and desirable, to eat that food! A simple case of natural selection.    

But now, in modern times, that old built in mechanism works against us. In the Western world we hardly know times of scarcity. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we keep following our instincts and continue to build reserves for times of scarcity which will probably never come anymore. In the bigger picture, this time of rather continuous abundance has still been relatively short for us humans, so we have not been able to adapt to this new situation as yet. Although most people very well know that overeating is not needed anymore they still do so (even if it is dangerous for their health). Many are unable to stop that old primitive instinct that is still dominant.  

The results are too been all around us. A roughly estimated 50% to 60% of the people in the Western world are clearly carrying overweight. A significant percentage falls into the category of obese or even morbidly obese. If one gets to that stage, it appears that in practice it is almost impossible to find the answer and get back to a healthy weight again. So it is very important to signal being overweight in time and take proper action before it is too late.
The worldwide leader in obesity is the U.S. but Europe is already well on track in following this bad example. People who are overweight have often many physical problems and on average reach a much lower age compared to people with of normal weight. On top of having to deal with their own poor health, such people are also increasingly becoming a heavy burden on society as a whole in term of costs of healthcare, something we all have to support. The old mechanism that once helped us to survive has now turned against us.

The problem concerns adults but it is becoming increasingly visible in children too. Children copy and learn the behavior of their parents. If parents eat badly, it is almost certain their children will do too and we know that what children learn in their youth is difficult to change so often that behavior keeps repeating in one’s adult life. So if you are overweight as a child and learn poor eating habits chances are big you won’t be able to have a healthy weight as an adult.   

Besides the abundant supply of food, in present times we are forced by modern society to perform less physical exercise. The hard physical work we had to perform in the past is now done by machines. Even the daily moving around is something we don’t have to do anymore (we do our shopping with the car, we take the lift or rolling stairs everywhere) so we are a lot less active in everyday life than our ancestors.
This combination of too much food and too little exercise has caused in a relatively short time a considerable increase in the average weight of Western people. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet.   
The causes for the obesity problem in our world are easy to identify but a lot less easy to tackle. Being fit and having a healthy weight is unfortunately not something that happens overnight. We have to work for it, but most of all you must be able to use your common sense to reach or keep that state. Be aware of the change we went through in lifestyle and act accordingly.
Today's modern people have so much comfort available and so much food within reach at all times. We all need to be aware of this and deal with it consciously to stay healthy and fit. If not, chances are big you will soon belong to the 50% of people who are overweight. With all the possible consequences!