FitVandaag - Lesson two don't overeat
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People who have heard about the lifestyle in Okinawa might know this concept. This saying indicates to stop eating when your stomach is 80% full. Many Western people continue to eat as long as their stomach is not full. The Okinawan stop eating when they don’t feel hungry anymore. The difference between the two behaviours is a big calorie difference.
Western people often say after dinner "I'm full". The Okinawa say "I'm not hungry anymore."
None of the 100 year old has ever been on a diet and none of them has ever been obese, according to Buettner. People living in the "blue zones" seem to instinctively know that diets do not work. "The art of keeping a healthy weight is to eat foods with low calorie density," says Buettner. Volume wins above calories. And that brings us to the next lesson.
So when you eat do not eat until you are full, but until you are not hungry anymore!