FitVandaag - Lesson three eat fresh food
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Most of the analysed 100-year-olds have never had the chance to get used to processed food. It was simply largely absent during their lives. They ate products from the garden or other unprocessed foods, no calorie filled junk food. Many people ate little meat, which was eaten only during special events (the Adventists in Loma Linda, California are completely vegetarian, one of the "blue zones").

People who live long are not vegetarians per se, but they still eat mostly plant foods. The amount of meat they eat is relatively low. "Beans, whole grains and garden vegetables are the cornerstones of all diets used by the long-lived" says Buettner. Grains provide fibre, antioxidants, potential anti-cancer agents (indigestible fibre), cholesterol reducers, and blood thinners, plus essential minerals. Beans are a great non-animal protein source.
Nuts are also common in the diets of long-living. "Nuts are perhaps the most impressive of all long-living foods" another said to Buettner. Finally, a tip from Buettner: "Put a nice big bowl of fruit in the middle of the table with a note inside that reads:" Fill me! "

Eat raw food!