FitVandaag - Lesson seven have a goal
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Healthy 100 year olds everywhere in the world have faith, according to Buettner: "The simple fact of adoration is one of those subtle strong habits that can ensure a healthy number of additional years”.
Asked what he thought about spirituality, Jack Lalanne answered strong and clear: "I believe"! Do you think that humans can create a heart and make it indestructible? Or do you think you can make a calculator that works like our brain? Can man make a machine that replaces itself almost every 90 days by new cells? Think about it: You don’t have to name a God or Jesus, that is the religious situation that many people make of it, but you must believe that nature and spiritual things surround us. That is what put us on this planet! I thank the universe for every day of my life".
People who pay attention to their spiritual side have less chance of heart disease, depression, stress and suicide and their immune system seems to work better. To some extent belief in a higher power creates a reduction of our stress by surrendering to that power.

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