FitVandaag - Lesson nine the right friends
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Possibly the most powerful step we can take to change our lives in good is to surround ourselves with people who live by the rules of the "blue zones". That's because it is much easier to learn good habits as everyone around you is already practicing them.
"I think a superior social network is one of the reasons that women live longer than men, they are more engaged and helpful to each other, more yielding and better able to express their feelings, including sadness and anger, and other aspects of intimacy, "says Buettner.
You could say that this piece is to bring people together with ideas about health and fitness and knowledge and inspiration. You could start with the adoption of the lessons we can learn from the "blue zones".
Choose the right tribe!
Want to feel good or recieve real support? Wat is more important.
Humans are social beings. Most then choose companionship, which we could call a "tribe". They receive and give support through interaction with those tribe members.
Giving and receiving are two opposing forces. Support can be given to group members who are less / weaker than you, support you mainly recieve from group members who are better / stronger than you.
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