FitVandaag - Lesson five be focussed
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Having a purpose and longevity go hand in hand! Buettner saw that people with a clear purpose in life often live longer and stay sharper than those who do not. The strong awareness of having a goal, such as the older Okinawan, may act as a buffer against stress and helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, arthritis and reduces the chance of getting a stroke.
People who cultivate reasons to get up in the morning will likely continue to do so. The fact that Jack LaLanne's image and its message is reinforced by continuing to live probably helps him to live!
On a less selfish level, there is the example of Henry Allingham, probably the longest-lived survivor of WW1 and the last survivor of original Royal Air Force. Towards the end of his life he found a mission that helped him to survive, as he used the last years of his life to remind his countrymen of the cases of nine million soldiers who died in WOI: "I want everyone to know that they died for us," he told Associated Press in December 2008. "We must pray that it never happens again". Allingham died in July 2009 at the age of 113 years.

Have a goal!