FitVandaag - Lesson eight familie first
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Buerttner tells us that most centenarians make their families a priority. They marry, have children and build their lives around that core. Everyone has an advantage in doing that. One of Buettner’s expert team explains that parents and family give us a dose of reality. They teach us how to stay healthy, they give us a sense of purpose and usefulness, and if we get sick, or trouble gets on our way, the basic support of a family is very important.
The Western world is going just in the opposite direction. Family members are so busy with their own things that we may lose the regular contact. Long Life areas teach us that we should try to reverse that trend.
"Play with your children, make your relationship work, don’t neglect your parents," said Buettner. A picture taken by his grand fatherof his father as a cautious boy bicycling in North West New Mexico, hangs on the wall in his study. His grandmother had it on her dresser in her bedroom until she died at age 98 in her sleep. It gave her a sense of family and gave her strength. 
Own blood first! Sounds harsh, but that is not how it should be taken.