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Ways to naturally keep your Testosterone levels up par or increese it

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. For good health this hormone is very important, to feel fit energetic and having a healthy sexdrive a good testosterone level is important. This goes both for man as also for women, women need of course lower levels of this hormone, but it is needed also for them. Women hve roughly 10% testosterone of that of men.
There are of course unnatural ways of increesing our testosterone levels, this can be done by using synthetic hormones, but use of these will almost always have unwanted side effects, certainly in the longer run. So this way is a possibility but not a wise one.
Most young people in their puperty have plenty of hormones in their bodies, certainly in their late teens, although some with a poorer health or being overweight already suffer even at this young age from disturbed hormones levels.
But as we get older testosterone levels will start to decline, this wil roughly starts around age 30 and around 40 for most of us it will be noticible. But our behaviour and lifestyle do play a clear role. There are ways that can help to keep our testosterone levels up par our if needed increese it. This will help aging slowing down but will never stop it completely .
In a way to help keeping our hormones in check below a list of 9 points that help to stimulate our hormone household.

1 Have enough sleep, make sure you are well rested, lake of sleep will cause an increese in our cortisol levels (stress hormoon) and that will lower the production of testosterone. So try to get enough sleep, and if possible, use one day a week to sleep in. Not enough sleep is a real killer in the long run.
2 Do Strenghttraining, a few times per week working out with weights and letting our body work hard helps enourmously. Focus on doing the big exercises. Squats, deadlifts, presses etc. Keep the reps between 5 and 12 and don't do to many sets.
If you don't like sports , you could do other kinds of labour. It has to tough but short, don't overreach. You have to give yourself and impuls, you don't need to distroy your body.

3 Don't do to much cardio, this again will cause an increese in cortisol levels, see point one. People who do a lot of endurance sports have lowered testosterone levels. This is shown in research.

4 Eat enough good fats. Think of fatty fish, oliveoils, nuts. Fats are needed as buildingblocks for testosterone. Fats in general have a bad reputation, but that is for a good deal unrightfully so, it is bad fats in combination with bad carbs that cause healthproblems, this in combination with a sedated lifestyle is the main cause for a lack of health and being overweight.
Not fat in itself!

5 Try to have a steady bloodsugarlevel. Eating lots of carbs does interfere with our bloodsugarlevel, certainly the fast carbs do disturbe our bloodsugars and indirectly our testosterone level. see also 

6 Don´t be overweight, having to much fat does cause having high estrogen, the female sex hormone, that is exactly what a man does not need. Being overweight is almost normal nowedays and causes a lot of healthproblems, adults who do not have at least a little belly are almost rare. That is not how it is supposed to be, a healthy grown man should have a bodyfat percentage of around 15%, if so you do have a flat stomach, someone who does sports should have visable abs, that would be 10% bodyfat roughly speaking.
If not they are carrying to much useless fat.

7 Don´t eat soye, eat meat, soy can cause a rise increese in estrogen production. People are omnivores, we have a digestive system that is made to eat meat. This of course does not mean we should treath animals badly, the argument of vegetarians against that is 100% valid, but not eating eating meat is not healthy. Meateaters often eat all sorts of crap (bad carbs) and that is causing bad health. Meat get´s an uncalled for bad rep. 
8 Alcohol, a great killer of our testosterone production. With limitation alcohol is not such a problem but to much certainly is, it will make you less of a man
This may seem like a given thing, overuse of alcohol is a killer, not just our liver but lots of other issues will accur. Look at the nice round bierbelly bog drinkers have, often in combination with sticks for legs.

9 Have an active sexlife, in contradiction to what was common in some sports (and sometimes is) is an active sexlife very positive for our testosterone production. And even being in the nabourhood of people whom we find attracktive does help. Even solo sex is good. So try to be sexuale active and be around attractive people. Things like this, within sane limits of course are very positive for a healthy hormone production.

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