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Our food
Where does the energy in our our food come from?

Food is the fuel for our bodies. We can,t do without for long, we need good nutrition daily. That nutrition should be varied and sufficient. If it's not our health will be in trouble soon. 

Food is therefore a very important component to get en keep a good health, perhaps even one the most important. If we get enough energy in and all the needed nutrients, we can say eat healthy. In addition, being moderate with "bad" food is a great starting point for a healthy and fit eating lifestyle. 

However, if we eat too much or too little, or our food is insufficient in quality or composition of one-sided than in the long term there are several problems lurking. This could include things such as overweight, underweight (anorexia), heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, joint problems, etc. 

In the above picture we see the old, for many well-known food pyramid. This pyramid is still the basis of a sensible and healthy diet. 


Food consists of macro and micro nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates are called the macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are micronutrients. 
Both the macro and micro nutrients are necessary in a complete diet to prevent deficit symptoms and prevent disease. 
The macronutrients provide energy in contrast to the micronutrients, those are not for energy but are needed to let everything work properly. 

The amount of energy that we get is simply a calculation of the amount of macro nutrients that we consume.
Proteins and carbohydrates yield about four calories per gram, fat supplies about nine calories per gram. Alcohol is also a nutrient, but is not necessary for a good health. And more than moderate alcohol consumption usually leads to bad health. Alcohol provides seven calories per gram. Man is perfectly capable of dealing with moderate alcohol consumption, but moderate is the key word here. If you overdo it this is definitely not conducive to good health.

Deficiency Diseases by a lack / shortage of a specific nutrient in the western world are rare nowadays. Only people with serious eating disorders do have risk for that. Think of anorexia and bulimia patients, and also alcoholics who little very little. 

why do we gain or lose weight?  

A change in body weight is due to an energy surplus or energy deficit, always!. The old saying every pound goes through the mouth is simply true. If we consume more energy than we burn our weight will go up. If the situation is the other way around the opposite will happen. There is no other reason possible! 

why is weight loss, dieting, or keeping the same weight so difficult for many? 

For that we need to look at what drives us to eat.

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