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 Feeling sick and training

The past 10 days I have been feeling sick. Nothing really serious, a cold / flu, it started with sore throat that quickly turned into sneezing / coughing and a very nasty headache.
If something like this happens what to do with working out? The basic rule is that if the problems stay above the throat you can keep training but of course take care and don’t overdo it. But are the problems also below the throat then you should really take a complete rest. If you temperature is elevated you should also not train and keep rest.Training wouldn’t do you any good anyway at this point, your body needs all the energy it has to fight the virus that is making it sick, so to keep working out would not be very wise.

But for someone who normally is used to being regularly physically active, not being able to train is a burden, so after one day or what I tried again to do something, it was possible to do something but to call that serious training is a no. It feels like your conditioning slips rapidly through your fingers and everything you do takes a lot more energy then it would when you are feeling fine. If you look in practice how this turns out it is often too not so bad, It will proberly take 2 times the amount of time you have been sick to get back to the level before. I am 10 days out of the running now so that will proberly mean three weeks to feel 100% again. And to give a positive spin on the situation. Your body gets a good rest during the forced time off, especially the joints and muscles are not much used for a while, and  provided it doesn’t take too long of course that a good thing.

Yet just a few things to look out for. If you do not work out and would eat the same you will gain weight, so watch your food intake a bit if you want to avoid that.
Be careful after your illness, do go at it too quickly and train hard, take time to get let your body get used again to the training, if you start too soon and do too much your illness can take unnecessarily long.
Finally last tips, if you begin to train again, forger your normal schedule for a while, train a bit differently, this to prevent you from chasing your old form. Patience is a virtue.

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