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Fat Burning Zone

What does this term mean? Strictly speaking, any form of movement or exercise at any intensity will burn (some) fat. Her I only want to talk about fat burning during training and exercise, and not about the after effects, more about that later. If you're taking it very easy you won’t burn a lot of energy but that energy will be mainly in the form of fat.
On the other hand, if you train hard you do burn a lot of energy, but only a small proportion of that will be fat.
So taking it easy has the advantage that you do burn mostly fat but to make it worthwhile you should do it for a long time. If you want to, you could go walking or go for easy cycling etc.
If you train hard you won’t burn much fat directly and you can’t do it for a long time, so all in all that won’t have much effect. So both extremes are not so useful if you want to burn. 
So what should you do?

Take a good look at the graph above. Don’t take the figures too literally; they naturally depend on the individual characteristics. A big man with a prime condition will naturally burn more energy than a small one with a poor physic. We will look closer at the grey rectangle, this area we might describe as the fat burning zone. The bottom line shows the percentage of your heartbeat within this zone, ranging from 65-83% of your maximum heart rate. Suppose your maximum heart-beat is 180 (How do you find out? Click
), that would mean between 117 and 149 beats per minute to stay within the zone. Outside these two limits, the direct burning of fat will be less. If you go to slow your training will have little effect, you simply don’t work enough, if you go above that limit you are burning mostly sugar and won’t be able to keep up for long.
To lose weight, it is useful to stay between these limits. But above all, you do have to work regularly and train long enough, every now and then a 15 minutes won’t do you much good. Remember also that your eating habits have the most effect. You can train al you want but if you eat too much or the wrong things you will not loose weight.
Side effect of exercise on your basic energy consumption, the fitter you are, and that is something you will become if you train harder, the more energy your body consumes during resting times. So harder training will not directly burn fat but indirectly it will! So besides staying in the fat burning zone most of the time it is useful to do some work outside and above that zone, but in moderation.