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Speedskater Sergei Lisin caught using epo after a 10k pb race. 

Using epo helps for longdistance and middledistance athletes, that a thing not many people will denie, by how much? that is an different story.A recent example gives a good view on this. A russion speedskater named Sergei Lisin, number 673 on the worldranking list, races in oktober during the russion championships, which he won, a new pb with 35 seconds, this at 33 years of age. He got a 13:23,57 for that 10k. Time wise that was an improvement of 4.2%. That is more than one lap of the track of 400 faster. Of course says an example of one not so much. And using a drug doesn't do the same for everybody, one has more advantage than the other, but still this a nice example of an older athlete, who proberly did not improve anymore in a natural way, but his epo use made him this much faster. Him being caught, if not we didn't know ;-) him awaits a suspension. He proberly will never skate again. He by the way did skate on his own, he was not part of any team in an organised way or something like that. 

Kolomna, Russion Distant Championships  
10.000 meter men:
1. Sergej Lisin - 13.23,57 PR 2. Aleksandr Rumyancev - 13.25,33 3. Danil Sinicin - 13.41,15 PR