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I was once on holiday on a little Greek island when it struck me for the first time. Since then I look for it more frequently, and I often noticed the phenomenon. We were eating on a terrace and three girls came running up. One bigger girl and two others who where more average build. The waiter came to visit them and the bigger girl ordered a Diet Coke ... the two others took a beer.
I didn’t pay much attention at first, but they sat in my vision so I couldn’t help seeing what happened.

The food they had ordered came along, and the portions were large, I'm quite a big eater myself but had trouble finishing my plate. After ten minutes I looked up and the diet coke girl had almost finished her plate already! The other two had just barely made a dent in there full plates. So that glass of Diet Coke was already big time overcompensated by eating her food. A handful of fries with a dab of sauce is already enough to do that.

That was actually the first time I noticed this phenomenon. People who order Diet Coke are often considerably overweight and eat a lot, it seems that drinking Diet Coke makes them think that compensates for that. Since then I always look secretly at the people who order diet coke, and the phenomenon has often struck me since then. It always makes me laugh a little bit. Although in reality is not really funny and even a bit sad.

What originally was a product that should help prevent people from getting too many calories in, is in fact gone over to the other side. It gives a false excuse to overeat. Because "I drink a diet cola so that compensates for the eating?". But no of course it does not! Overeating can never be compensated with a light drink. It will still mean getting in to many calories. Drinking diet coke makes it a little less bad, but only a little and it's still bad.

An ordinary glass Cola/0.2 liter gives about 80 calories.  

Enough about the Cola light phenomenon, but pay attention to those who drink light coke and see if I am right, maybe you are doing it yourself. 

The whole principle of light products is nonsense and a deception if you ask me. A product may carry the name of light if it has 30% fewer calories than the original product. But that does not make make, as an example, light cheese not fat, light sausage or a light ice-cream a product that contains little energy. They are still very calorie rich products, if you're not careful, you could easily overeat by taking them. Both the light and the regular version are not good. Occasionally and in moderation ok, but if you don’t watch out the scale will tell you what it still contains.

The word light is misleading and also gives a false "excuse" for eat more of a product, just like Diet Coke does. And just like diet coke it will give you the excuse to overeat, can’t drinking and eating light products help is? Sure they can, but if you want to lose weight or stay slim think carefully about what you really eat and drink. Read the page about the five food instincts, that can help.

Approximately 1 / 10 of cola is sugar per liter so that is approximately 100 grams per liter.

1 gram of sugar is about 4 calories.

To gain 1 kg fat/2.23 lbs you have eat and drink about 10,000 calories extra.

These are 10 000 / 4 = 2500 grams of sugar, so you need to drink 25 liters of Coke to achieve that. That's quite a big bucket if you ask me.

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