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If you want to achieve something a good example often makes a good follow up, choose the right tribe!


Choosing the right "tribe" should not be taken literally, but as a metaphor. The term tribe should be seen as your complete environment / friends / sports club etc.
Although this site is primarily about health and sports, this principle can be taken in a much broader sense. For example: If you want to learn a language you can better surround yourself with people who speak the language, than set up a club with people who don't speak the language.
If you want to learn to swim, you better take up swimming lessons instead of going to struggle in the pool on your own.
If you want to stop drinking better not visit the pup.
This applies in any field we can think of. You can learn from people who are better than you, or have more experience, or have had difficulties with problems you now encounter and overcame them. Surrounding yourself with people who face the same problems as you won't be able to help you much, they might make you feel good, but will yield little help.For someone with weight problems choosing the right tribe is very important. Surrounding yourself with people who have a healthy diet, who do enough exercise, etc.
If you don't, you will notice in practice that you won't be able to change your behavior. Personally, I always say, if you don't clearly choose "the right tribe" you are heading for failure.

I am writing this in response to a client of mine who needs to lose weight for her health, she already has undergone a stomach reduction operation, so she can't eat much anymore, but she still has trouble really losing weight. This is, in my opinion, mainly caused by lack of daily exercise, in what form whatsoever. Altogether, she does not eat much anymore, but also doesn't do much, so her daily energy use is simply to low. She needs to increase her energy consumption by getting more active, doesn’t matter in what form, that will be the only solution to break the vicious circle she is in now. Look for this at
What is she doing? Instead of looking for ways to start moving or find inspiration, she is nosing around on sites and forums with other people who are having eating and weight problems. Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people with weight problems and eating disorders. This is a difficult problem and not easy to solve. For my view on this see How to deal with
But those sites and the people on it won't learn your much, especially since people there are telling each other all sorts excuses why it is so hard for them, and why it is so difficult for them to lose weight or learn a sensible diet. And for that they pad each other on the back. Instead of hanging around there, they can better look for people who have had similar problems and who have overcome them! From those they can learn.

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