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The CTC concept2 indoorrowing competition for ergers and erging teams
The CTC is a monthly competition between concept2 indoorrowers, which started in december 2005, ofcourse ow rowers who use the ergo for training are also welcome. So it started in 2005 and now )August 2014) its almost 10 years going on. The main objective is to give a montly challenge for indoor rowers.
Competitors come from Europa, North America and Australia-New Sealand mostly, but also from elsewhere.
Erging raceEach month offers a competition, which can be done within one hour, roughly a lunchbreak, that is the 1 hour maximum lenght in time.
It can vary from a sprint to longer endurance piece. Both extremes have been 250m en 12 km. There are also often interval sessions. For a complete picture see here XX
The monthly choise is made by the competing teams, based on three things, montly apprearence, time that has gone by since there last choise and number of boots filled per month. See: ..
The CTC site gives during the month the ongoing picture of the individual rowers and the boats they form. This goes on untill the month is over.
What is a boat? A boat is made up of 5 rowers, 1 position has to be a woman (can be more), 1 Has to be a lightweigh man (also can be more), and the other three can be filled by heavyweight man (so max 3 heavy man). Age does not matter.
The average of those people makes the boat pace.
Concept2 indoorrower Model EHow do you get in a boat. Members of a team get in boat 1 of that team if they one of the three fastest heavyweight man, the fastest woman and the fastest lightweight man.
Boat 2 heavies 4/6, the second woman, second lighty etc..
There is no max for the members per team, you can change the result every time you improve and there is no max in number of members per team, the more the marrier.
Some teams score 1 or 2 boats, the bigger ones often above 10 each month.
The competition is based on honousty, a result needs no verification, but lots of people know eachother, so in general we can say that the results are genuine.
Would you like to join?
That is possible, see for the teams here. Most teams accept new members. Some only invite new members though. Would you like to start a new team? Possible. Contact the moderater here. There are also people who don't belong to a team those get in the independent boat's.
Teams who competed from the early start are: Mad, Oarsome, Sub7, Forum Flyers, Free Spirits.
more info here