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'One year suspension Contador?'
MADRID -  Three times TDF winner Alberto Contador will hear a one ban demanded against him by the disciplenary comity of the Spanish cycling bond. This following the Spanish media. 
    On the second rest day of the last TDF small amounts of the forbidden substance Clenbuterol where found. Accourding the sportspaper Marca the ban will be set tomorrow the 26 th.
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    If you want to achieve something a good example often makes a good follow up, choose the right tribe!
    Choosing the right "tribe" should not be taken literally, but as a metaphor. The term tribe should be seen as your complete environment / friends / sports club etc.
    Although this site is primarily about health and sports, this principle can be taken in a much broader sense.
    The answer is clearly no to me!                        Plus update..............

    I read the sports news today and at first I was a little bit shocked but soon I was only angry. Scandalous what happens again. People who knowingly use drugs in sport deserve to be punished when caught, but I dare to say without any doubt that in this case that is not true! He is the victim of a failing doping policy. This is certainly not the first time and another sad example of it.

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    Feeling sick and training
    The past 10 days I have been feeling sick. Nothing really serious, a cold / flu, it started with sore throat that quickly turned into sneezing / coughing and a very nasty headache.
    If something like this happens what to do with working out? The basic rule is that if the problems stay above the throat you can keep training but of course take care and don’t overdo it.
    220 minus your age gives you your maximum heart rate?
     You can often hear or read that ones maximum heart rate can be determined by the above rule. This rule was made up by a cardiologist who used this math to limit his patients during their heart testing on a bike. If the limit was reached, he stopped the testing as a precaution, this was purely for security reasons. Whether this was really safe is highly doubtful if you ask me.
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    Doping...........the hype.
    Following a discussion which took place recently on the British rowing forum. There was talk about a British amateur cyclist who was caught using doping, epo. This cyclist had also done some impressive performances on the ConceptII rowing machine. Now the very fact that a cyclist got caught is not surprising. It's almost more difficult to come up with a list of cyclists who don’t use ;-)

    I was once on holiday on a little Greek island when it struck me for the first time. Since then I look for it more frequently, and I often noticed the phenomenon. We were eating on a terrace and three girls came running up. One bigger girl and two others who where more average build. The waiter came to visit them and the bigger girl ordered a Diet Coke ... the two others took a beer.
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    Ready for the beach in 6 weeks  
    Many diets promise a lot but actually getting rid of fat is obviously not easy. You really have to work hard to achieve that. This is a plan I made that ensure you to burn 6 kg of fat in 6 weeks. So not just lose 6 kg of weight, but really burn 6 kg of fat!  For a reasonably fit person this is often just the finishing touch to looking really good. You can show your sixpack now that last bit of fat is out of the way.