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Benchpress Schedule, training to become stronger.

Many guys who train with weights would like to become stronger on the benchpress. 
Below I have a made a schedule I have used myself regularly and also for others. It is not just for bench press but can be used for the so-called large complex exercises.
Such as bench press, squat, dead lifts.
Before you can use this schedule you should be able to execute the moves well technically, Don’t have any injuries and are fresh and not over trained, at the beginning of this cycle, you have to fresh and fit to be able to do the hole 13 weeks.
Do this 3 times per 2 weeks, no more! any other exercises for the same muscles should be done during the same session, the rest give them rest.
The starting point is your current maximum with one repetition, that is 100%. No need to know this exactly, but you need to have a fairly precise indication. Before you start 
always do a general warm up and a few light sets of the exercise you will train. 
Adjust the numbers to your own level.
I use a simple example of a current maximum of 100 kg. How often should you train?
Week 1 through 3, take a weight that is 60% of your maximum 60 kg in this case. Do 4 sets with 4 x 10 reps on 1 minute rest.
No more than 10 reps, the last set, you should also be just able to get 10 reps. if you can do more the 12 on the last set, increase the weights next time a bit.  
Week 4 to 6 Take a weight of 75% of your maximum 75 kg, in this case  
Do 3 sets of maximal reps on 2 minutes rest. The first set should be between 10/15 reps, the next two lower. U
se a spotter, but don't forced reps, when the spotter has to help the set is over.  
Week 7 to 9 take a weight of 85/90% of your max. Do 4 sets of 5 reps with 3 minutes rest. The first 2 should be 5 reps without to much problem, the next two will be tough. Pay attention to your technique.  If you get 5 reps or more in then last rep, increase the weight next time, if it's 3 or less decrease. 
Week 10 to 12 training in pyramid shape. Rest 3 minutes again. 
Do 4 sets of 8/6/4/2 repetitions, start with 80% of your max, this case is 80kg, and increase by 5% each set, so in this case 85kg/90kg/95kg. Do not exceed the prescribed reps, only on the last do as many as you can. If you can do more then 2 reps increase the weight next time with 2.5% per set, in this case 2.5 kg. 

Week 13 Week Test

Do a good warm up! Do a few light sets first.
A first serious set of 8 repetitions at 70%,
a second set at 85% with 5 reps, then estimate what you think you can do. Say in this case 105 kg. Try this. If this succeeds increase again. Etc. take as much rest as you need. 
 How much is difficult to say it depends mainly on your condition in advance and of course your personal talent and age. Also don’t forget to eat well during this period and especially pay attention to your protein intake, eat 6 times a day preferably a protein portion.
After this period you need to slow down for a while, keep training, but on a lower level, your body needs rest for a while.  6 weeks would be enough for you are ready for a next harder cycle.  
Good luck!
Almost without exception you will be stronger after this cycle.
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