FitVandaag - A Greek ideal body
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How much of a greek God are you?
Ancient Discus trower
Discus throwerWe al know the old Greek sculptures of muscled, slim man like below. The Greek had an ideal image in mind. Based on wristcercumference they had come up with formulas to come to "ideal" proportions for a male body.
Now will almost nobody exactly match those numbers, and apart from that it's also a matter of taste. Types like Beckham or Ronaldo will come out slimmer and modern bodybuilders will come out a good bit bigger (especially throught hormonal help), but the numbers do paint a nice objective picture. A body that will match the ideal Greek numbers will be seen as very well build by most people.
It is therefor a nice way of looking in howfar we match does numbers ourselves. And which parts of our body deviate and could do with some extra work.
At first I would measure you own body proportions, so you don't have a biased picture. And after you took those compare to what they should be.
Greek god

Its about (all cercumference):
Your wrist, the base, schoulders, chest, waist, hips, upperlegs, calves, neck and arms. Contracted and or breathed in. Waist just held relaxed.
Male Model
After you took those numbers fill in you wrist (cm or inches)  here  They other numbers will show up based on that number. Over the outcome: If your numbers come out close to perfection and you are young and have a pretty face you could think of becoming a fitnessmodel.    ;-) 
Are your numbers low overall, this means you are to light, you should focus on the socalled big four. Squats, deadlifts, pull ups, presses. This in combination with good (enough protein and greens) and enough calories. Are some numbers out of tune, start working on those, is your waist to big? If so first start getting ride of those lovehandles. A raw ideal is having you neck, arms and calves more or less alike. People who have this always look athletic. 
A,last point, your waist should always be a lot smaller than your chest and hips, if that is not so, you are proberly overweight and have thin little legs, because your don't train them.Start doing squats and clean up your diet.....