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2k taper example

Taper example for a 2km indoor rowing race

Below an example of a taper example that I personaly followed in the two weeks prior to the OBIC 2010 in Antwerp Belgium. The bold days are important days for me. I followed the program more or less exactly how I planned it and I was pleased with the result I got in the end. I rowed a time hoped for and that got me a first place in the race. 
I felt good before the race, had done what I wanted to do and had confidence in a good result.
The schedule has not much real speed work, two reasons for that, personally, my speed was relative good and I think that there is not so much need for real fast work, below 2km pace for a 2k.

Tempo toughness and getting used to the race duration is more important imo! So that is what I worked for.

This is what I did:

Friday 5 november, Biked to the gym (4 km per return trip)
November 5 x 1500 meters, 4 minutes rest 1.43.0 28/29 rate

Saterday November 6 rest day

Sunday November 7 250/500/750/1000/750/500/250 pyramid.
Rest 90 seconds per 250 meters rowed. So up to 6 minutes maximum rest after the 1000 meters.
Result: 134.5 Average rating 129.6/133.9/136.1/136.9/136.0/133.4/124.8 37/32/32/32/33/35/48

Monday November 8 Biked to the gym,
20 min 154.7/24, r20 500/145, 500/159
Abs / weights training for legs / back and shoulders.
Maintenance Training so not very heavy.

Tueday November 9 Biked to the gym Warm up 1.55 1k
10k first 5 km 148.2, 152.8 rate 24/25 second half was not feeling great this day,
Average pace 150.8/rate 24.
Cooling down 2.5 km 2.10

Wednesday November 10 biked to the gym 2k 154.3 / r23
Abs / bridge work / Chest / Biceps
500m/1k/500, short breaks, 2.00/143.7/2.00

Thursday, November 11 car to the gym 2km 153.x warm-up,
4 x 1k, pause 1min/500, 2.19 / 1 min
Result 314.9/ rate 31/31/32/33
Average 137.4
This result is the minimum result I will be aiming for during the race. Cool down 2k 2.10 

Friday 12 November, biked to the gym 2k 153.4/23
100/100/300m, (3x500 sprint start), sub 1.30 pace, 300m 125.x
2k 155.4
Strength training for back and legs.
Warm up 300, 1k 319.7/29, 500 meters cooling down

Saturday, November 13 rest day

Sunday, November 14
2k, 1250m, 625m, rest 8 minutes,
Result: 139.7/138.7/134.1 rate 29/31/34

Monday November 15
30 min 152.2/24

Tuesday November 1, Biked to the gym
2k 154.7/22, 300m 2kpace start 1.37
Abs / bridge work, weights for the whole body, one working set per major muscle group,
2.00 paddle 300m race start, first 2k 7.18 136.5, rest

Wednesday November 17
2k 90%, first 1000m 2 km pace plus 1 second, then 700 meters 1.44, 1.39 for the final 300 meters.
Result 641.8 142.5 137.9/142.5 1k splits 

Thursday, November 18 rest

Friday, November 19, 10 min 154.6/25
2k, 400/136.5 meters race start, average 1.57 pace for the 2k.

Saturday Antwerp Obic, 20 November 2010 Goal for the 2k race 6.26, 6.25.7 was the result,
5 hours later in the afternoon a 1km 3.04.1, this was just above 1km in distance, it was a 4 x 1km relay. (Parallel erging with four people, the team has to make a total of 4000 meters).

Especially the last 10 days I consider tapering.